Friday, February 4, 2011

ieTab Google Chrome

ieTab is a plugin for the Google Chrome Browser.

It is supposed to run within Chrome, and automatically sense if a page should be run with Internet Explorer, like certain Banks.

Here is an explanation:

The company page is here:

By SWAPAH on Feb. 5, 2011


NGO in a Box is a set of freeware tools to organize an office of a Non Governmental Orgaization (AKA NGO). Includes advice on how to burn an ISO image using Deep Burner in Windows.

Some parts of the package use Ubuntu Linux. Others are freeware Windows programs for security, in the "Security in a Box" side of the program.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

GSMArena.Com Cell Phone Images 20110203

Go to GSMArena.Com to help locate the model number of a cell phone you have in hand.

HashtagsCom Twitter Key Words 20110203

Hashtags.Com is mentioned in the glossary as a repository of Key Words (AKA topics, categories) used by the Twitter community.

Slideshare.Com Shares Slides 20110203

SlideShare.Com seems like YouTube.Com except for Powerpoint and other slides.

The following slideshow by Luc Maene reviews food output versus fertilizer input.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vista ISATAP Solution

This forum on "Microsoft ISATAP adapter" gives the solution to how to stop a Vista Windows computer from asking the user numerous times to disable the device.

The user "Jeff" wrote "IPv6 is on in Vista by default-you can turn it off though.
--Go here,
--Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections
--right click your network card>properties
--uncheck the IPv6 box

that'll turn off IPv6-then just disable the adapter driver

That's if it's causing you issues,".

In my case, the wired adapter card (ethernet) was unchecked for IPv6. I needed to uncheck the wireless card for IPv6.

User forums show Microsoft has disabled support in Vista for this IPv6. It is the new standard for internet names of website.